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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce you the next AFMBioMed summer school in  
Marseille as part of the CIVIS <https://civis.eu/>activities.

*13^th International AFMBioMed Summer School
Theory and Practice of AFM in Life Sciences and Medicine*

*Marseille – France 11-15**(16)**July 2022 *

*First Announcement*

The AFMBioMed Summer School offers an introduction to Atomic Force  
Microscopy in Life Sciences and Medicine for PhD students, postdocs,  
young scientists and core facility technicians/engineers. Lectures in  
the morning are complemented by hands-on experiments in the afternoon.

There are about 25 places for students doing hands-on experiments.  
Participants are encouraged to send a CV and a motivation letter. AFM  
beginners are welcome.

*The registration fee *for the AFM Summer School includes the training  
divided into *5 different sessions *(more than 20 hours of courses),  
hands-on experiments*, *lunches, refreshments, accommodation and  
social events.


*Hope to see you in Marseille!*


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Lorena Redondo lorena.redondo en inserm.fr  
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Cell Membrane Organization and Dynamics Lab
Instituto Biofisika (CSIC, UPV/EHU)
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48940 Leioa, Spain
Phone +34 946018051

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